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Go Players Social Networking2007Alexandr DinershteynNo Prize
Colorful Rating Book2003Kalli BalduinWinner
Strasbourg Rules2001Albert FenechWinner
EuroGoTV2007Harry WeerheijmWinner
Real Big Problem Book2007Kalli BalduinEncouragement Prize
Children's Grand Prix2001Jana HricovaEncouragement Prize
Go in Education2003Marc Gonzalez CarnicerEncouragement Prize
Internet Go School2003Dariusz DabkowskiEncouragement Prize
Book on Go for Elementary School2003Tibor RapaiNo Prize
Cambridge Youth Project2007Paul SmithNo Prize
Giochiamo a Go nelle Scuole2012Maurizio PartonWinner
Go Videos for Teaching and Broadcasting2012Paolo MontrasioEncouragement Prize
Go Public2012Andreas NeumannEncouragement Prize
Universal 3D Chess2012Hubele HervéNo Prize
Toulouse Permanent Tournament2012Yves Rutschle and Laurent LamleNo Prize
A Game of the Theory of Mind2012Luca FiligheraNo Prize
Project Online Roleplay Game2012Janine BoehmeNo Prize
Golympics2012Bart CaersNo Prize
Go Cases for School2001Thomas NohrEncouragement Prize
European Go Research2007Ioni Petrov Lazarov, et alNo Prize
Fast Teaching Package2001Gruppe der Vier (Karl Scheitler, Joachim Bitzer, Jean Hossenlopp, Jean-Jacques Tuilier)No Prize
Game Site (BrettspielWelt)2003Bernhard Seckinger (idea and programming), Tobias Lang (graphics)No Prize
Glossy Go Set2003Wlodzimierz Malinowski (idea and production), Roman Pszonka (translation, PR and promotion)No Prize
Go Campaign in Timisoara2001Bratu CristianNo Prize
Go Exhibition2001Guenter CiessowNo Prize
Go in Companies2007Ralf SchoenfeldNo Prize
Go Memory Problems2001Kalli BalduinNo Prize
Goama2007Alexander DinerchteinNo Prize
Goat2012Yves RutschleNo Prize
Internet Cup2003Przemyslaw Wesolek & Slawomir PielaNo Prize
Introduction Set2001J.J. TuilierNo Prize
Luxurious Go Set2001Frank RittelNo Prize
MiniCD2007Nicholas RoussosNo Prize
National Go Server2001Costel PintilieNo Prize
Promotion in Andalusia2001Jose Manuel VegaNo Prize
Tournament Magazine2001Charles MatthewsNo Prize
Go on TV2003Go-Verband NRW e.V. (Monika Reimpell)No Prize
Go Books Publishing2012Igor Grishin and Mikhail EmelyanovNo Prize
UK Go Challenge2007Tony AtkinsNo Prize
3d Go2007Marilena BaraNo Prize
Go for Kids2001Stefan BudigNo Prize
BadukMovies2012Kim Ouweleen and Peter BrouwerNo Prize
Dwyrin2015Josh AllenNo Prize
Goishi2015Sybo BruinsmaNo Prize
Ata und Ri im Reich der Steine2015Gunnar Dickfeld & Carolin SeckNo Prize
Brunei Darussalam Go Association2015Chin Sin VoonNo Prize
Upgraded Paper Go Sets2015Kalli BalduinNo Prize
BadukMovies2015Peter BrouwerNo Prize
Murugandi Go Art2015Kim OuweleenNo Prize
Go: Education for the Competition of Life2015Codrin Vasiloanc-SmirnovNo Prize
Go Books2015Anders KierulfNo Prize
Institutional Based Access to Go in the Municipality Huellhorst in Germany2015Wolfgang ClaßenNo Prize
Implementing Go in Prisons, Youth Prison in the Guantanamo Province, Cuba2015Rafael Torres MirandaNo Prize
The University Team Go Championship2015Alexey Lazarev No Prize
Public Touchscreen Go Table2015Daniel BöszeWinner
Goban.co2015Lucas NasifNo Prize
Be! Be Present, Be Visible2015Costel PintilieNo Prize
ORION Latin-American Team Tournament (Under 18)2015Siddhartha AvilaNo Prize
Go Global Open Data Index2015Leonardo Alberto Dal ZovoNo Prize
Felt Go - Colour Up Your Go Life2015Steffi HebsackerNo Prize
The Surrounding Game2015Cole D. PruittEncouragement Prize (2nd place)
Proyecto Gakko no Go2015Maria (Loli) PuertaEncouragement Prize (3rd place)
The Expansion of Go as a Recreational Sport in Cuban Society2018Rafael Torres Miranda
The Australian Online Go Club2018David Mitchell
Go Workbooks2007Wim BerkelmansEncouragement Prize
IQ-UP Children Go Academy 2018Napat Itchayavanich
Leela Zero2018Gian-Carlo Pascutto
Go Future2018Marc Oliver Rieger
FulguroGo2018Christopher Annachachibi
European Youth Go Masters League2007Floris BarthelNo Prize
Go Book for Kids with a Coupon Inside2018Alexandr Dinershteyn
Dicționar Japonez Român de Termeni de Go (Japanese Romanian Go Terms Dictionary)2018Costel Pintilie
RA-Go 2018Etienne Peillard
Open Study Room2018Clément Spaier
ShuGaZa - Collectable Card Game2018Elena Smirnova
LEGO GO2018Dávid Fazekas
Go Game in Every Math Classroom2018Xinming Simon Guo
Go Tales2018Zoé Constans
IQ_Go Video Course2018Yury Garanzha
Promoting Go in Macedonia2018Filip Paskali
Ronin League Reviews2018Neil Ritter
Play Go - Train the Brain2018Mirjana Rašić Mitić
The Central Go School2018Timur Sankin
Tuagom Go Tournament2018Pryn Ketnim
Digitisation of Historical Go Documents2018Marco Henkel
Global Go Tournament Calendar2018Harry Weerheijm
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