Rules and Criteria for the Submission of Projects

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On this page, you find the ruleset of the Worldwide Iwamoto Awards and the criteria that are used by the jury members to judge your submission.

Conditions for Submission

  • English is the language of communication and presentation.
  • Despite the various names that exist for the game, we use the official name as used by the International Go Federation: Go.
  • Applications for the Worldwide Iwamoto Awards can be done online by filling out the Application Form, starting from the 1st of March 2018.
  • The deadline for the 2018 proposals is the 31st of May 2018.
  • A project applicant is either a natural person or a legal body.
  • Please note that only one (1) application per project owner will be considered.

Applicants have to fill out an online Application Form. Prepare the following information, images, and pictures before you start:

  • Complete contact information;
  • Name of the project;
  • Name of the project owner;
  • Starting date of the project + end date (if applicable);
  • Timeline with dates and achieved milestones (if applicable);
  • Geographic location of the project where the activities take place; 
  • Goal of the project: please include a description of your target group;
  • General description of the project: if you need more than 500 words for the full text, a summary of max. 250 words is needed as well;
  • List of all resources of the project: physical infrastructure, used technologies, media, social networks, etcetera.
  • Result(s) of the project;
  • Public exposure: awareness created by the project and exposure in the media;
  • Human resources: list of all people involved and the time they invested in the project;
  • Financial resources: budgets, including sponsorships, subsidies, gifts, and personal investments;
  • Prospects: expected future development of the project;
  • Wishes: support or cooperation for progress or continuation of the project;
  • One image used as a thumbnail in the presentation of the project in the Gallery of Entries
  • Illustrative images of the project: a maximum of 10 images with a minimum of 2. Images can be photos of events and/or materials, or, alternatively, illustrations. Use only JPG or PNG file formats;
  • If available, provide websites, brochure, and/or other materials about the project. The preferred format for illustrative documents is PDF.

Criteria for the Judgement of Projects

In general, a project is more valuable for the Go community and for the promotion of Go if it has more impact.
Basic categories of a project's objectives include: increasing public awareness, strengthening existing Go communities, and supporting the promotion of Go.

These are the 10 criteria used by the Jury of the Iwamoto Awards to judge Go promotional projects.

1. Effectiveness:

  • Are there measurable objectives?
  • Are the objectives relevant?
  • Have the project's goals been reached?

2. Efficiency:

  • What is the effort compared to the result?

3. Originality:

  • Is the project unique in its nature?
  • Does the project open new perspectives for the promotion of Go?

4. Innovativeness:

  • Is the project innovative? Does the project make use of new opportunities, social developments, (marketing) strategies, technologies, and social media?

5. Future prospects:

  • Is further development of the project promising?

6. Replicability:

  • Can the project be copied or easily used as an example for others?

7. Simplicity:

  • Is the project highly independent of specific capacities or knowledge of the person(s) running it?

8. Replaceability:

  • If alternatives already exist for the strategy, methods, or materials used, how can they be compared?

9. Attractiveness:

  • How is the project presented to the public?
  • Does the presentation appeal to the target audience?

10. Quality:

  • What is the overall quality of the project?
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