Colorful Rating Book

Name:Colorful Rating Book
Contributor:Kalli Balduin
Organisation:Berlin Go Association

Project Description

I developed a rating list for people who work with many children in different big groups. In a colourful booklet children are listed with their actual rating, starting at 50th Kyu. With every won game (on 9x9 or 13x13) they move up one Kyu up to the Kyu. If they lose a game, they will stay at their rating place. From the 30th Kyu up every Kyu is devided in 9 single steps, that means children have to win nine games. But if they lose a game they go down one single step, but only until the lowest place at that Kyu. The childrens names are written on nice stickers which can easily be removed, if they go up and down the list. On these stickers you can write some more extra infos, like group to which the child belongs and in which month they played. Before promoting to the next Kyu they have to make test games against the teacher. This list helps to easily see the activity and progress of many children at the same time. It also helps to give handicap stones among children. The children like this list very much, because they can see their progress and that of their friends.


I wanted a useful help to handle many children in different groups. Children also can easily see their progress. It can be a big help for teachers, who have regular Go children groups.You can compare the development and progress of children playing in different groups. It can be used everywhere and the teacher can carry it with him. It's a kind of every day up-dated portable rating list.


In my own list there are now more then 400 children listed and I improve the quality and make new editions of the list if necessary.


You just need the pages, a computer and a good printer. Paper of course. A person to use the computer and printer. Cost of paper, ink for printing and (post-it) stickers.

Possibilities to copy this project

See above. It can be used everywhere.

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