IQ_Go Video Course

Name:IQ_Go Video Course
Contributor:Yury Garanzha

Project Description

The “IQ_Go” video course is 100% full of video lessons, conveniently split into sections (of lectures).
Full video time is about 40 hours.

The course is created by a Go teacher with 10 years of  experience of teaching go to both children and adults, 7 dan amateur, author of various Go projects and events (lawyer by profession). The video content is polite and reasonable (basic version is Russian). The teacher introduces necessary Go elements, while not diving too deep into complicated aspects of technique; those can be found in books and studied independently. The course information is good for beginners, as well as for stronger players of up to 6 dan.
The content of the course is unique in such a way that it can't be found in popular Go books, which is connecting the missing dots for the students.
We learn to analyse and determine board position, as well as answer questing like “Where, when and why play it”, while problems from Go books will help to get “How to play” question answered. By completing the course, students can expect to increase their playing level by 3 up to 10 levels.


12 sections (topics) – 20 lessons of 1,5 to 2 hours each:

Strategy 1. Komoku status.
Strategy 2. Hoshi status.
Strategy 3. Stone Shapes.
Strategy 4. Quadrant of 25.
Strategy 5. Eyes/Back.
Strategy 6. Dan-level Formula.
Strategy 7. Confinement.
Strategy 8. Board Control.
Strategy 9. Rearrangement.
Strategy 10. Forced sequence.

Three General Tactics:
1) How not to blunder in early chuban (or if the head ain't working).
2) How not to blunder in fuseki (how to play if black or white approaches).
3) Stone status definition,

1) Game control.
2) Counter-game.
3) Position control of high-low, far-close positions.
4) Supporting.

Additional materials.

The full IQ_Go course
The full IQ_Go course

Aim of the Project

The objective of the course is to bring Go closer to educational standards of prestigious universities. The project is created in video format, with addition to Go theory. The target audience is mostly Go beginners; though more advanced kyu and lower dan players could also benefit from it. We want to present everyone anywhere a universal learning course of videos as a base for distant Go study. 




Presently, the course is completed, which means that the learning videos are ready, including mp4/flv formats.

Means of the Project

The video course is in Full 1080р HD video format.
All its content is ready for possible adaptation, like translation into English, or adding subtitles for other languages.
The designs presented here are temporary (not yet physical, like the DVD-box).


Originally (more than a year ago) the course was presented as theory (private lessons). Later on, by student request, it was transformed into recorded video material. The results were better than expected; the students noticed immediate growth of about 1 to 3 kyu grades after just a few lessons.

A positive outcome of the course is a stimulus for making it available to everyone, by creating other language versions and/or subtitles.

Human Resources

The course is a creation of the author, with the assistance of students who helped to polish it into today's form.

Financial Resources

Own budget.


The project is new, presently available in Russian only. Other language versions are being created.


We hope others would like the course, and we hope to find like-minded people that are looking for a way to connect Go teaching with high educational standards. We are open to partnerships of any kind.


We would be glad to get community support in project adaptation.

Additional Comments

We are grateful to the founders and staff of the Iwamoto Awards for their hard work.

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