Ronin League Reviews

Name:Ronin League Reviews
Contributor:Neil Ritter

Project Description

Ronin League Reviews is built on Ronin League, a monthly rated league run by the Massachusetts Go Association. It allows players to earn an opportunity to have a game reviewed by a strong player.

Ronin League has accumulated 100s of AGA rated games over 18 months and is being tracked at
We recently started a beta of Ronin League Reviews with the help of Stephanie Yin 1p. You can see our first attempt at YouTube video reviews on The Gojo YouTube channel. More information about The Gojo and Ronin League Reviews can be found on our Patreon blog.

Aim of the Project

Generally, to encourage competitive play and help people improve at Go.
More specifically:

  • On ramp for beginners into competitive play.
  • Tool to maintain a community of single digit kyu and low dan players who are trying to improve.
Stephanie Yin 1p teaching on The Gojo YouTube channel
Stephanie Yin 1p teaching on The Gojo YouTube channel
Our official banner
Our official banner


Ronin League games can be played at any participating Meetup group in Massachusetts (MA). Currently there are 5 participating Meetups in the Boston area. Reviews are done online / at The Gojo.


We will start by continuing to do online reviews with Stephanie Yin 1p once a month ... but with better video and sound. 
If we are successful at encouraging play and have a lot of games to review, we will seek out additional reviewers (e.g. Stephen Xhu, or local teachers to review games played by weaker players).


Publicity and learning through high quality YouTube reviews of games played in the community.
Increased competitive play and interest in Go in at least the Boston area.
We also find that being able to talk with a professional player like Stephanie on a regular basis is valuable to our effort to promote Go in the Boston area.

Means of the Project

Cameras, microphones, computers, YouTube, website, recording and video editing software. 

Human Resources

Neil and Daniel Ritter have managed Ronin League for the last 18 months and will continue to do so.
Neil Ritter and Dan Steinbrook spend a couple hours each month preparing for and reviewing games with Stephanie Yin as well as some additional video editing.
We're hoping to involve additional strong players as teachers and find someone to help us improve our recordings.

Financial Resources

The Gojo has been paying Stephanie Yin to do YouTube reviews for 1 hour a month. Funds have been crowdfunded through the Gojo patreon account.
This grant would go to ensure we could continue doing this for at least the year as well as help us improve quality and frequency of reviews.


YouTube reviews with Stephanie Yin (and other strong players) posted on a monthly basis.
Ronin League expanding in Massachusetts.


All Go clubs in Massachusetts to be participating in Ronin League. Players will be regularly playing serious AGA rated games and they will regularly be reviewed by strong players.


We got this! We've run Ronin League Reviews Beta for 2 months now and it has been very educational and a lot of fun.
1k in funding will ensure we're able to continue doing it for a year and make it better.

Games being played for Ronin League at an event we host monthly
Games being played for Ronin League at an event we host monthly
Goban cat, our mascot!
Goban cat, our mascot!
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