Global Go Tournament Calendar

Name:Global Go Tournament Calendar
Contributor:Harry Weerheijm

Project Description

This project concerns a webservice using virtual bots to make information accessible about upcoming Go tournaments all over the world. The service will be easily reachable through a website, for anyone, free of charge. 

Aim of the Project

The aim is to create a platform that brings tournament organisations and players together.
And to provide a single place/calendar where all Go tournaments can be found, added and searched for.


Currently, we add one tournament organisation to the website per day.
On September 1, the site will function for Europe. Later on, adding non-European tournaments will become the priority.


Internet. Website:

Means of the Project

We create our own virtual bots written in php and javascript. These bots operate on the Internet, and are run from our private server in the Netherlands.


People in Europe can already make use of the website.

Human Resources

Up till now I have invested about 175 man hours (on a database, architectural design of the bots and interactive use of maps) and expect to need an additional 150 hours to finish the project.

Financial Resources

None so far.


All members of EuroGoTV (about 15.000) will receive a link to the calendar.
We hope users will share the links with their friends on social media and that Go organisers will publish a link to our website.


We aim to reach our present goals within three months. After that, we want to add tools for tournament organisations, like an automatic website builder, a pairing system and a results publication tool.


We would like to see that all tournament organsations will consistently provide their information in the way they do now, or in case they change it, that they will notify us.

Additional Comments

For additional information, links to the sources are included in the calendar, such as the websites of the Go tournaments. 

Layout of the website
Layout of the website