Real Big Problem Book

Name:Real Big Problem Book
Contributor:Kalli Balduin
Organisation:Berlin Go Association
Prize:Encouragement Prize

My "real big problem book" is a result of my 7 years teaching Go to children. Children always like to solve problems, but using ordinary problem books I encounter two difficulties. For children, using a problem book, have difficulties in spotting the solution in the book, because the problem diagrams are too small and the fingers are too big. The other thing is: it takes too much time to set up the problem on the board, to take the wrong moves off and to try a second time, especially for beginners and kids. I often observe my students. When I brought an ordinary problem book, they get bored and stop soon doing it after some problems.

With this "real big problem book", you can place real go stones on the paper, remove them easily, if something goes wrong with your solution. You can also play variations, play with white stones first, finish the games with problems on 9x9, and learn to count the endgame. Children enjoy this book very much; they solve dozens of problems non-stop, discuss with other friends, wipe the stones off the paper and try a second time. Even you teach a group of children who sit around the table, this book is also an ideal helper, because everybody can see it, or you can show the book and hold it high in front of a class.

The "real big problem beginner's book" is without solutions, because problems are easy to solve for a stronger player and children should discuss the problems with a teacher or a stronger player. I give a list with hints for the teachers about the problems. Black plays first always, but you can also ask your students what the difference would be, if it were white's turn. Dan players are sometimes lazy to solve problems in a go club. I once made a "real big dan- level problem book", everybody enjoyed their enthusiastic discussions, and they, like the children, enjoyed the idea of this book and solved many problems. I hope this book will be a useful help in your go-lessons.

The one page rating List is a useful and easy to handle new supply for my old rating list. In this new rating List, the children can choose a color and fill in the squares, if they win a game. With this new colorful list, teachers and childen can easily get an overview over their groups strength development. If they reach the 30 kyu level they will get a sticker in my other list, which is descriped in my application in 2003. The children like this new list like the old one very much.


I wanted a useful help for children to solve many problems with real go stones, without putting up the problem on the board.


I use this book with great success in all my classes. Other teachers using the book are fascinated by this simple but effective idea.


Human resources: A person to use the computer and printer.

Financial resources: Cost of paper, ink for printing.

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