IQ-UP Children Go Academy

Name:IQ-UP Children Go Academy
Contributor:Napat Itchayavanich

Project Description

The project is simply to spread Go throughout Thailand, especially to kids, by many means, such as:

1. Providing quality learning experiences: I have been providing lessons and spreading Go to leading schools in Bangkok and I have been running charity lessons for children with less fortunate financial situations. The academy has implemented a simulated indie dojung project and has been working closely with the Kansai Ki-in from Japan and KIBA from South Korea in the hope of raising the level of Thailand's youth players.

2. Hosting national level events for Thai youth players: the main events are the Meijin Junior Thailand (an annual national youth championship, run in for 3 years now) and the Mama International Championship, which started in 2017 and was the first and only Thai tournament that features professional players. 

3. Participating and supporting on an international level: because of hundreds of successful local and national initiatives, students trained by Mr. Napat Itchayavanich have represented Thailand on many international events such as the WYGC, the Japan Go Congress, the LiFE International Children Cup Japan, the Kuksu Mountain Korea, the Hanwha Life Cup, and the South East Asia Go Championship in Brunei and Singapore. 

4. Spreading Go through an original comic book: thought up by me, Napat Itchayavanich, drawn by a Thai comic artist and published under a well known and reputable publishing company called เซียนโกะ. The story is about a young boy who accidentally finds out about Go and starts to train under a master. The purpose of this comic book was to create a solid connection to Thai kids and promote the love for the game along with useful information amongst them. 

Aim of the Project

The aim of this project is to implant the good qualities that Go has to offer in all players, especially kids, in the hope that Go can provide an enlightened way to raise the kids in terms of spirituality, intellectuality and morality. A way to connect the past, the present and the future.


Thai schools and publications.

A page from my original comic book
Two pages from my original comic book.
Another page from the original comic book by me
I have been working closely with the Kansai Ki-in and have been supporting its activities.
I have been working closely with the Kansai Ki-in and have been supporting its activities.


2007: IQ-UP children go academy was founded and first began offering Go classes. This all started after I began playing Go after college in 2005 and reached the level of 1 dan in 2007 (I reached 4 dan in in 2011). I strongly believe that Go can be used as a tool to raise many good qualities in kids, and help them to become good citizens of the world. I have been an active Go teacher ever since and have been respected as the Kitani of Thailand. 

2014: Commencement of the Go comic book project, a cooperative effort with a Thai publisher and a Thai comic artist, in the hope of raising awareness about the existence of Go and to educate kids. 

2015 (up until today): Began teaching Go to master degree students in the iMBA program at Panyapiwat Institute.

2016: Commencement of Thailand's most prestigious children Go tournament called Meijin Junior Thailand, where the strongest kids compete for the title and the official rankings. This project is supported by the Go Association of Thailand and has been running up until today.

2017: Hired and working in the first Thai Go highschool as an advisor of the Go program.

2018: Currently the school has produced over 40 youth dan players, by far the most from Thailand, leaving the second best school far behind (around 20 youth dan players). The school has sent many kids to international events, such as the Hanwah Life Cup Korea, the WYGC, the LiFE International Children Cup Japan and many more.


The result is the creation of a phenomenon. The academy has earned a reputation and the respect of many organisations, both domestically and internationally.


The project is recognised and well respected by many organisations, including international firms such as the Kansai Ki-in, KIBA and the Go Association of Thailand, and is close with neighbouring countries' Go organisations, such as the Brunei Go Association, the Singapore Weiqi Association, etc. 

Means of the Project

I have been working closely with the Kansai Ki-in and have been supporting its activities.
Mainly the traditional way as I believe that human touch is a crucial step for effectiveness. 
Other tools, such as technological devices and platforms, are used to communicate, contact and to obtain new knowledge. 

Human Resources

The main person is me, Mr. Napat Itchayavanich. However, I have hired a few Go teachers with similar goals to spread Go. I believe that Go can improve ways of thinking and quality of life. My mother saw the beneficiality in my projects and has been helping out with receptionist work. 

Financial Resources

Mainly it is my own budget. 


To spread Go on a bigger scale and to continue my work relentlessly. 


To be recognised and known more in order to connect and work cooperatively with many Go organisations around the world. Apart from sponsorship I would love to have a good and strong teacher, to teach me and my kids so we could develop our skills and improve our understanding of the game. 

Additional Comments

Go has been my life and I am doing my best to spread and share it with all my time and strength.

Teaching go to Thai monks and on Buddhism TV program True Little Monk
Teaching Go to Thai monks and on Buddhism TV program True Little Monk
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