Go Tales

Name:Go Tales
Contributor:Zoé Constans
Organisation:Jose Olivares and Zoé Constans

Project Description

We are planning to publish a children’s book of Go tales, with beautifully painted depictions. With the support of illustration, the tales will allow children to read and understand easily. We were inspired by Chinese tales and decided to start with one of them. Later on, we will aim to produce other Go tales.

Aim of the Project

We would like to share Go culture with everyone. The story is chosen so it could be appreciated by both Go players as well as by those who do not play Go. It is an invitation to discover more about the game, with its centuries of history and its deep connection to Asian culture. We hope that it will also be enjoyed by adults through our work on illustration. It is not a book about Go rules, techniques, or strategy. For non-Go players there will be a glossary section to explain Go terms, materials, and proverbs for cultural and educational purposes. One page is dedicated to a list of links to various Go websites, for further exploration.  


The first publication will be conducted in France, and we aim to have the book translated and widely read in as many countries as possible. The book will be advertised at schools, libraries, bookstores and on the Internet. Some Grenoble schools have expressed an interest to purchase the book in order to teach their pupils about Asian culture.


  • 02.2018: Commencement of the project. The topic of the tale is selected and the drawing and writing process begins.
  • 03.2018: Meeting with the publisher who will supervise the editing process. Format of the book and illustration style is decided.
  • 07.2018: Crowdfunding will begin.
  • 08.2018: Completion of the French text and illustration. PDF version will be available.  
  • 09.2018: Printing of the first edition.
  • 10.2018: Release of the French version. The first book signing event will take place at the Grenoble International Tournament, scheduled on October 13-14. The book will be sent to bookstores and libraries.
  • 11.2018: Translation in other languages. By this time, we will search for Go publishers abroad.
The first page, in French
The first page, in French


Promotion of the game of Go and the community: we will publish a book that Go players can offer for their families and friends. In addition, we also target people who have never heard about the game before, with the aim to guide them into the Go world. For instance, through events like Go initiation and special exhibitions at libraries, we hope to motivate people to meet, discover, play, and enjoy Go.

Means of the Project


  • Illustration in ink and watercolour.

  • Design by various digital software tools.


  • Printed book of 28 pages.

  • Products related to the book with illustrations for advertisement (T-shirts, postcards, etc.)

Human Resources

Zoé Constans: Zoé is an artist who has joined many tournaments to draw Go players and designed illustrations for Go events and magazines (Deutsche Go-Zeitung, Revue Française de Go and Myosu) in Germany, France, South Korea, etc. For this project, she is in charge of the illustration that requires approximately 400 hours of work.

Jose Olivares: Jose is a youth Go manager at the French Go Federation. He rewrites the tale, making the story coherent with the painting and literature, suitable for students.

Xavier Glorieux: Xavier is an editor of French Go books. He is the owner of a board game store and also a designer.

Financial Resources

We will open a crowdfunding webpage for the project. This will finance the first printing of the book.
We will look for more sponsors and publishers, then advertise the book at libraries, bookstores, board game stores and Go events.


The Go community will be the first party through which we will promote our project. By approaching Go players, clubs, and organisations such as the French Go Federation and the European Go Federation, we will aim to enhance the publicity of our work. We believe that our book can be used for a number of purposes (e.g. teaching, Go advertising, as a gift etc.). Additionally, we will work on making the book available in board game stores, schools, libraries, and various other places, in order for Go to interact with a wider public.


We wish to publish more illustrated Go tales in a series of works. We also look for exhibitions dedicated to the illustrations of the books, in Go centers and local galleries. We hope to coordinate the project with libraries and schools (e.g. managing a book-reading session, followed by an art workshop and a Go initiation event).


We hope Go players will enjoy reading our book and we wish to receive support, through crowdfunding, new ideas, cooperations and promotion of the book. We also wish to find people who would be interested to publish it in their country, and offer this book in many languages.

Zoé Constans and Jose Olivares, working on their first Go Tale Book
Zoé Constans and Jose Olivares, working on their first Go Tale Book
The first page, in English
The first page, in English

Additional Comments

There has been a widespread perception of Go as a strategic game only suitable for intellectuals. We would like to contribute to broadening the range of Go and its cultural areas. We all know to what extent the manga Hikaru no Go has had a positive impact on the Go community. Through a step-by-step process, we envision that this wonderful game will be more accessible to everyone!

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