Murugandi Go Art

Name:Murugandi Go Art
Contributor:Kim Ouweleen

Project Description

Artwork, graphic design and illustrations made by Kim Ouweleen also known by artist pseudonym Murugandi. The images and drawings are designed to not only appeal to go players, but to capture the imagination of those unfamiliar to go and make outsiders interested in the black and white stones, the mysterious patterns of that game that they had never heard about before. Images of artwork can be used in many ways, through many media, which makes them very useful for promotional material.

Aim of the Project

The aim is to create go related illustrations, graphic design and artwork. By doing so, go will receive more attention and recognition as a (board)game outside of its main target group (people who already know go or are boardgame fanatics). Art appeals to a bigger public and can create attention for Go.

Means of the Project

The artwork is created in the oldfashioned ways of using fountain pen, pencil and paper, canvas and paint, with the occassional remastering through computer programs such as Photoshop. My artwork can be found on and is distributed on several social media websites: Tumblr: Instagram: Facebook: My webshop with t-shirt designs:

Since images are applicable to many different media, the means/platforms are whatever you wish them to be.

Geographic Extension

Tournaments, publications, books, internet, posters, flyers, businesscards, clothing, merchandise, promotional material.


In 2015 I have had several commissions for artwork about go:

  • Design of the logo for the Amsterdam Go Club
  • Logo design for the European Youth Go Championships 2015
  • Portrait of professional go player Lee Dahyu
  • Portrait of Dutch go player Zeno van Ditzhuijzen for the bulletin of the Dutch Go Association
  • Cover design for the first edition of the Deutsche Go Zeitung of 2015
  • Shirt and coupon designs for
  • Design of the flyer of the 2015 Amsterdam International Go Tournament

I also participated in a competition for the new logo of the European Go Federation. I am currently working on a series of Go-animal drawings for Korean television channel BadukTV, which will be used to teach children how to play the game.

mu-Deutsche Go Zeitung january 2015
Cover design for the first edition of the Deutsche Go Zeitung of 2015.

Public Exposure

All artwork can be found on
Go related drawings by illustrator Kim Ouweleen have been published in/as magazines, books, flyers and clothing, as well as used for logos and as promotional material on the Internet.

Human Resources

I spend a lot of time and effort on my artwork. One illustration takes me a day of work, and when on commission I sometimes walk around forming ideas in my head for a certain piece for days, before I can start the actual creation. Since I am meticulous in my perfectionism, I usually spend a good few hours on the computer editing away minor errors to get it exactly the way it needs to be.

mu-Logo Amsterdamse go club bewerkt 2kopie mu-Tortoise shell

Financial Resources

Financial support works per assignment, on commission. Apart from artwork related to go, I have had illustration-jobs for Dutch magazines, wedding gifts and personal commissions.



Currently, I am working on a drawing series of animals with go patterns and go boards. In the future I plan to illustrate go proverbs and sayings, as well as continue to work on logos for go projects. Another long-term goal of mine is to create more shirts and clothing with go-themes. Some can already be found in my webshop My main goal is to make go accessible through art and inspire people to look into a game that is new for them.


I am always looking for new commissions and wish to cooperate with Go projects to make designs and illustrations that will catch the eye of Go players and especially those who are unfamiliar with the game.

mu-Dansu bewerkt 2
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