Go Books Publishing

Name:Go Books Publishing
Contributor:Igor Grishin and Mikhail Emelyanov

Project Description

Gokniga.ru is a Russian publishing house of Go related books. It includes books about business, war and history, but also novels and anecdotes. Reading our books will probably not improve your Go level, but it will motivate you to think about learning Go seriously, especially if you have never played Go before. Most of the books are also available on the internet, for example a book about Go and business or a book about WW2, Hitler and Stalin.

An example

One example taken from a chapter about Göring. One Go task is included here - Black to play and kill himself, like Göring did in 1946.


Our goal is to explain that Go is not only an "Asian logic game", but that it is one of the best ways to improve your mental and intellectual level, to make your children smart and to have a success in your business or job. We also aim at increasing the Go awareness by including it in other areas of interest (such as history, business, etc.)


We have published 10 books so far. All of them were published with huge numbers of copies (from 1000 to 5000) and are on sale now all over the Russia. They are available at the biggest offline bookstores. We have invested more than 20 000 dollars, and have attracted some publishing houses and distributors. As a result, thousands of new Go lovers appeared in our country.


Igor Grishin was the first one, who decided to prepare own books, instead of translating Asian Go books, or using ideas from them. At the current stage, work with distributors is the hardest part. We would like to see our books available in every city of our big country.

Possibilities to copy this project

The main problem for translating and duplicating our books is recognizing the fact that Go can be real and useful educational product. There is a point of view in Europe that Go is only a logic game. It is the main barrier for huge developing of Go.

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