Felt Go - Colour Up Your Go Life

Name:Felt Go - Colour Up Your Go Life
Contributor:Steffi Hebsacker

Project Description

About 1,5 years ago I've got the idea, since longer time I am thinking about how to make a demonstration board for the floor, like the chess-games with the big figures which you can see in parks and other public places. Because for a 9x9-game you already need about 80 stones, one game set is too expensive. Then I have seen coloured felt in department store, not too expensive and easy to handle. And then I started to make the first example. The board 100x100cm is made out of a thinner felt (1,5mm), becauce everbody could put it in a normal bag. The lines are painted with an Edding. Distance of the lines is 10,5cm. The stones are bigger felt (2-3mm). The diameter is 9cm, cut with a scissor.


Aim of the Project

Spreading Go, of course! To adults, children, especially small children, that like the coloured felt a lot.

Means of the Project

Do it yourself! You need the felt, a scissor, a ruler, an edding (550 in black) - that it is!

Geographic Extension

Schools, clubs, street, public places, fairs.


To help people who are teaching Go to beginners, or to have something to catch the focus of people interested in games, for example at fairs or game events where not everybody knows the game of Go. They should not pass the Go booth without a stop because of this big-size coloured game.


Public Exposure

I have presented the felt Go last year at the EGS in Sibiu. A lot of people, different age, different strengh, amateurs and even professionals, played one or more games. There have been articles about Felt Go in the DGoZ (German Go Journal) and on go-baduk-weiqi.de

Human Resources

You only need the (wo)manpower of one person to buy the felt, to paint the lines and to cut the stones. Within three or four hours one set should be ready. But children can help to make it as a teamwork project for example at school.


With an explanaition everybody can produce a Felt Go by themselves with low costs and within short time. It will hopefully help a lot of people to spread Go all over the world! Even in third world countries it should be possible, hopefully.

Financial Resources

In Germany the costs of the felt for one game are about 20 Euro in a department store (Karstadt). To buy it online should be possible too.


I hope for more puplicity so people can ask me how to make it and I can send them an instruction PDF.


Additonal Comments

Also very nice: a mini version for very small children: 5x5-board (size about 20x20cm), stones are delimeter 3,5cm. And I have made one 19x19-Felt Go - hard work to cut 360 stones - but it's possible!


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