We are excited and proud to have eight Go connaisseurs from all over the world on the Jury Panel of the 2018 Worldwide Iwamoto Awards:

Yuki Shigeno
Yuki Shigeno

Yuki Shigeno - Japan

Professional 2 dan of the Nihon-Kiin.
Director of the Nihon-Kiin.
Former secretary general of the International Go Federation.
From 1996~2006, I was in Italy to contribute to the promotion of Go in Europe. 
Li Ting
Li Ting

Li Ting - China & EGF

Born in Beijing, China.
Professional 1 dan of the Kansai-Kiin.
Vice president of the European Go Federation.
Director of the International Go Federation.
Nam Chihyung
Nam Chihyung

Nam Chihyung - South Korea

Professional 1 dan of the Korean Baduk Association (KBA).
Professor in the Department of Baduk Studies of Myongji University.
Author of: Contemporary Go Terms (2004), Baduk, Made Fun and Easy 1, 2, and 3 (2006~2008), and The History of Baduk (2017). Upcoming (July 2018): new book on Baduk Terminology.


Neville Smythe
Neville Smythe

Neville Smythe - Australia

Vice-President of the Australian Go Association, of which I was a founder.
Director (Oceania) of the International Go Federation.
I have played Go for over 50 years and represented Australia in the WAGC 3 times.
I am a retired academic (Mathematics, Australian National University) and was Chair for many years of the Australian Apple University Consortium Education and Development Awards Panel.

Daniel Bösze
Daniel Bösze

Daniel Bösze - Austria

Born in Vienna, Austria.
General secretary of the Austrian Go Federation. 
Professional 3D Graphics Artist.
Winner of the 2015 Worldwide Iwamoto Awards.
Organiser of the Wien 2018 Go Tournament.
Christiaan Maasdorp
Christiaan Maasdorp

Christiaan Maasdorp - South Africa

Christiaan Maasdorp is the secretary of the South African Go Association and a SAGA 6 kyu player. Along with other club members he promotes the game to the wider public at the Japan Day cultural event that takes place annually in Stellenbosch and the Korean Day event in Cape Town. He is a lecturer in Information Science at the University of Stellenbosch and plays regularly at the Cape Town Go Club.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson - United States

Vice president, operations for the American Go Association.
Member of the board of directors for the American Go Association.
Taught at the Seattle Go Center.
Other projects include building out the AGA's video efforts, and developing Minigo, an open-source go engine.

Maria Puerta
Maria Puerta

Maria Puerta - Venezuela

Born in Caracas, Venezuela.
Spanish Teacher and 5 kyu Go player.
President of the Venezuelan Go Association.
Former secretary of the Iberamerican Go Federation.
Former Director of the International Go Federation.
Organiser of the Iberoamerican Go Tournament in 2002 and 2016.
Spreading Go since 1990.
Winner of third prize in the 2015 Iwamoto Awards, with Proyecto Gakko no Go.
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