Glossy Go Set

Name:Glossy Go Set
Contributor:Wlodzimierz Malinowski (idea and production), Roman Pszonka (translation, PR and promotion)

Project Description

This Go set contains two sided (19x19 and 13x13) full size folded board made of waterproof laminated cardboard. There is also additional 9x9 board attached. Stones contained in cardboard boxes are made of polystyrene. You can also find postcard, which can be used to send feedback to producer. There is also booklet with rules explanation and CD with mirror of website. The CD with full explanation of the game of Go is extremely important part of this set. It also contains interactive explanation of rules, Go playing program, rules and more detailed explanation of basic moves and some strategy, games and many interesting publications. We also designed special hard cardboard box for postal distribution (0.25 Euro) Dimensions: box 220x240x60 mm; board 450x424 mm; stones 21.5x8 mm. Weight: 1300 g


The main objective of this project is to popularise the game of Go in Poland and Europe. Therefore we manufactured Go set with small dimensions, similar to many popular computer games boxes, and with attractive graphical layout, which may compete with them. The main goal is to promote Go by selling this set for people not yet playing Go. Most of already sold sets was ordered by Internet and sent by mail, especially before Christmas, so the goal to sell this set for non Go players was achieved. This set is small enough to be easily put on the shelf in home or shop, and also fit in backpack easily, what is very important especially for young people. It's also ideal as a gift. The weight of this set is low, but still weight of stones are very good even for tournament games, and that was successfully tested during European Youth Go Championships in Ustron and Warsaw International Go Tournament. Customers' opinions about this set are very good. This set has "European" look, quite different from already known Japanese Go sets. It attracts customers because of its look, size, and description of the game. We think, that beside popularising game among publicity, there can be also achieved some financial profit, which can be used by national federations to promote the game of Go. As an example: cost of this set in Poland from producer in bigger orders is about 13.5 Euro, price for single sets is about 16 Euro, with postal costs 19 Euro, and price in big shop in Warsaw (Piatnik Centrum) is about 21 Euro.


1000 boxes and 500 sets of stones have been produced, as well as brochures with explanation of rules and Go boards. About 300 complete Go sets have been sold, most of them by Internet (about 200). The CD is continuously updated and the quality of its contents is still increasing. The production is prepared in all technical aspects to allow the manufacture of this set in other language versions.


Manpower: Because the stage of production is already finished, we found many co-operators - experts in their respective areas: graphical design, printing, bookbinding, and producers of packages/boxes and plastic stones. Currently, the most important thing is to find new resellers and distribution channels. Financial resources: Total cost of production this set and CD (without preparation costs): 1000 pcs: 12.5 Euro 500 pcs: 14 Euro 200 pcs: 16.5 Euro this is net cost without VAT and other taxes and it can change no more than 10%.

Possibilities to copy this project

This set was originally made in Polish version; however it's possible to quite easily localize it to any chosen language. You just need to provide translation of all visible texts from the box, translated text and pictures of the tutor and materials on the CD. If you are interested, we can provide provisional English version of all texts. The most important part in case of production for other countries is cooperation with national Go associations or people willing to distribute and prepare translation of text on the box and rules explanation. It's obvious, that contents of the CD should be prepared for each language, basing on our experience. We can provide fully localized national version in 30 days in case of 500 pcs order. For bigger orders this time can be extended to 60 days. Although we have ready product, there is also possibility of some minor changes.

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