Brunei Darussalam Go Association

Name:Brunei Darussalam Go Association
Contributor:Chin Sin Voon

Project Description

"Whenever you question something that has never been done before, that's probably your cue to do it."

This sentence, encountered while reading a book, motivated Sin Voon to promote Go in Brunei in 2005. Go is not known in Brunei; there are no Go sets and books available in the country. Hence he followed his vision. Seeing a team of Brunei national athletes, wearing national jerseys, at the Brunei International Airport, motivated Sin Voon further and pushed him to aim for an even higher goal: to form a Brunei team to dispatch to International Go Tournaments.

Aim of the Project

The aim is to continue promoting Go in Brunei and involve the Bruneian youth. The ultimate goal is to achieve a self-generated Go club, Go Association and members, and to improve the level of Go players in Brunei in order to compete in any International Go Championship.

Means of the Project

Contacted Malaysia Go Association to purchase the first few Go Sets.
Contacted International Go Federation via e-mail to compete in International Approached Registrar of Society to become Official Association by 2011.
Facebook to announce events and recruit new members. 
Contacted World Pair Go Association via e-mail to request Go sets & books. 
Contacted Taiwan Go Association to purchase Byo-Yomi Go Clocks.



2005 - First Bruneian Go Club in College. 
2006 - Visited Singapore Go Association.
2007 - Brunei Go Society established.
- Contacted Ms.Yuki Shigeno, International Go Federation. 
- Brunei to join its first international tournament, the Korea Prime Minister Cup. 
- Attended Go Demonstration in Thailand for South East Asia Games.
2011 - Brunei Darussalam Go Association established.
- Recognised by Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport of Brunei. 
2012 - Member of International Go Federation. 
- Member of World Pair Go Association. 
- Member of Asian Go Federation. 
- Brunei District Go Workshop. 
- Attended Radio Television Brunei "Rampai Pagi" to talk about Go. 
2014 - Media Promoting Go: TV, Radio, News Media. 
- Ordinary Member of National Olympic Council of Brunei. 
- 1st Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament.
2016 - Brunei to host the next South East Asia Go Tournament.

Geographic Extension

please refer to the additional comments below.


Enough Go sets to host events, but still not enough for members to buy them from the association.
More exposure to Brunei and Government authority. More exposure to students and public. Members are improving their go skills.
See also: Annual report 2013 of the BDGA

Public Exposure

Brunei Times. Radio Television Brunei. Pilihan FM Radio Station. Brunei Sponsorships & Supports Schools.

Human Resources

All the association members, who help prepare tournaments, organise events and broaden networking. 
Sin Voon CHIN (founder /director, organizer), Chai Hui LIM (president, organizer) Zhe Fan MAH (International Secretary General, Go tutor, event judge, etc.).
See also: Complete profile of the BDGA.

Financial Resources

Sponsorship from companies and ministries.
Association members funding.
Miscellaneous and gifts.


Finalise official logo.
Approach more secondary schools.
Improve the level of Brunei players.
Host Incredible Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament.
Make Go sets and books pubicly available in Brunei.

Brunei is the host for the next South East Asia Friendly Go Tournament, also known as the 2nd Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament 2016 (in conjunction with Brunei His-Majesty's 70th Birthday). We are expecting to invite Macau, Korea, Taiwan and China (depending on sponsorship and funding).


Go sets and Go books.
A professional teacher.
Money to fund a clubhouse unit, official Association office, and self-generated classroom.
Time and people to assist in promoting the game.

Additonal comments

Brunei has about 400,000+ population, a relatively small market. This provides a challenge, but also an opportunity. As Go is very new to Brunei, full-time commitment in promoting the game is tough; the existing members of the organisation are graduating and start to find jobs and their careers. Thus, new people and more people are really needed in order to make Go bloom in Brunei.

For more information: and
Contact: Telephone +6737234768 Ignatius ( and +6737121185 Ms. Lim.

The Brunei Darussalam Go Association would like to thank many neighbouring countries and their Go organisations in their kindness and support:
- Mrs.Vanthanee from the Thailand Go Association
- Mr. Tiong from the Malaysia Go Association
- Mr. Tan from the Singapore Go association
- Handy & Edwin from the Indonesia Go Association
- The Korea Amateur Go Association
- Ms.Yuki Shigeno from the International Go Association
- The World Pairgo Association
- The Taiwanese Go Association
- The Chinese Go Association

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