Go Exhibition

Name:Go Exhibition
Contributor:Guenter Ciessow

Project Description

TThe theme of the exhibition in Berlin was not to present only Japanese woodcut prints (ukiyo-e) with scenes of Go, but also different Go games, ideas of Go philosophy, Go history, Go books, etc. In connection to the exhibition there is also a powerpoint presentation on CD-rom.


Manpower: high Costs: high It is nearly impossible to say the total costs of the exhibition, because from beginning of the project (more than 2 years ago) I made an agreement with the museum: Each one - the museum and the go players - pay their one part, there should be no payment between both. So we could use the infrastructure of the museum, f.e. the rooms and all the people of the museum, the photo laboratory and other items. Especially the insurance for all the parts (value about DM 200.000.-) and the frames for the ukiyo-e and framing itself had been payed by the museum. I got some help from Berlin Go-players, f.e. travelling costs to other museums, discussions about the publication, and so on. I myself have payed much for the publication. All the ukiyo-e must be scanned, the costs came about DM 5000.-. The layout of the publication I made myself, printing costs are about DM 10000,- . I got some help from Mr. S. Liesegang (about DM 3000,-) and another help from the Japanese embassy (about DM 1800,-). So I myself have payed more than DM 10000,-. A part of this amount I got back by selling the publication.


Good; 7000 visitors

Possibilites to copy this project

The exhibition is no more intact. All parts are given back to the owners. But in principle repeating the exhibition in another country may be possible, because I believe, all owners - esp. Dr Gerstorfer - will support a new project. I asked Dr. Gerstorfer 9 month ago to this question. You find his answer in the eMail "Exhibition", sorry, in German language. I myself would assist anyone, who wanted to take the initiative.

Is it difficult to translate the powerpoint presentation to other languages?

The presentation is made by myself with help of some Berlin Go-players, so copyright belongs to me. Translation in another language should be made in the country itself. A big problem is, to find a good speaker. In Berlin we have had one without costs (the father of Mr. O. Lenz). Anyone, who is able to use MSPowerpoint, can change the presentation to the local content.

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