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Saturday December 23 2017
By Rob van Zeijst
AlphaGo Presentation Review
Thursday December 21 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Dutch Go Championships 2018
Friday December 1 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
16 December: AlphaGo screening & discussion
Wednesday November 15 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Exhibition of Ikebana & Shodō - 28 and 29 October
Friday November 10 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Seong-jin Kim 8d dominates Anniversary Go Tournament
Tuesday October 31 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Celebratory Anniversary Reception
Saturday October 28 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Japan Festival 2017
Thursday October 12 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Teachers' Day on October 20th
Thursday October 5 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
Cleaning of all Go Material!
Wednesday September 20 2017
By Kim Ouweleen
25 Years EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament - 21 and 22 October

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Rules for acceptance of projects

Stones world wide

Open international contest of go promotional projects

Conditions for the submission of projects

Rules for acceptance of projects

  • English is the language of communication and presentation.
  • Despite the various names that exist for the game we will use the official name as used by the International Go Federation: Go.
  • Applications for the World Wide Iwamoto Awards can be made online by filling out the standard application form, starting from the 15th of February 2015.
  • The deadline of the 2015 call for proposals is the 21st of June 2015.
  • Project holder is either a natural person or a legal body.
  • Please note that only one (1) application per project holder will be considered.

Contributors have to fill out an online application form, prepare to have the following information and images available before you fill in the application:

  • Complete contact information
  • Name of the project
  • Name of the project holder
  • Start date of realization (and if applicable the end date)
  • Time line (with dates or milestones, if applicable)
  • Geographic extension of the project (where do the activities take place and where we see effects)
  • Aim(s) of the project (including naming target groups)
  • Description of the project (if you need more than 500 words for the full text, a summary of max. 250 words is needed as well.)
  • List of all means of the project (physical infrastructures, technologies, media, social networks)
  • Result(s) of the project
  • Public exposure (awareness of the project and results in media)
  • Human resources (description of all involved and their time expenditure)
  • Financial resources (sponsorships, subsidies, gifts, own budgets)
  • Perspective (expected future development of the project)
  • Wishes (kind of support or cooperation needed for progress or continuation of the project)
  • One image that is used for the presentation in the Gallery of entries. The image dimensions should be 480px by 240px or have an Aspect Ratio of 2:1 (An example will be provided)
  • Illustrative images of the project (at least 2, could be pictures of events or materials, but also graphics or schedules if especially relevant; format should be jpg or png)
  • If available, all existing websites, brochures or other materials about the project. Preferred format for illustrative documents: pdf.
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